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WRIA 19 North Olympic Land Trust (NOLT) Habitat Conservation Planning

The purpose of this project is identify the highest priority nearshore, riverine, floodplain, and riparian habitats for salmonids within WRIA 19.  Once the highest value habitats within the WRIA are identified, the  conservation planning process will prioritize the most important land parcels and identify landowners willing to be part of conserving these important salmon habitat areas.

The subsections below provide links to monthly project presentations, maps, and miscellaneous data.

Feel free to ask questions, provide feedback, and make suggestions using the link below.Comments and Feedback

Current Working Draft

Please note the final plan is subject to change prior to March 15, 2012.  Please check back for the latest version. Also note that Appendix B, C, and D are not included in the main document.  You will need to download these appendices separately.  These documents are up-to-date as of December 20, 2011.  Appendix D updated March 2, 2012 (very minor edits)

NOLT Plan Final Ver_1 (6.6Mb)

NOLT Appendix B_Ver_1 (8Mb)

NOLT Appendix C_Ver_1 (2Mb)


Below is the complete plan and appendices saved as a single file.  Note this includes an update to Appendix D, as mentioned above.

NOLT Plan Final Verion1_B (19Mb)


NOLT Final Presentation to SRFB (~8Mb)

February Presentation (Project Overview [1.3Mb])

March Presentation (Nearshore Habitats [4.2Mb])

April Presentation (Floodplain Habitats [8.7Mb])

May Presentation (Floodplain Features [11.6Mb])

June Presentation (Summary, Streams, FP-Hab_Feature [2.4Mb])

June 14 Presentation (overall project summary ~4.5Mb)

July 28 Presentation on Draft (~4Mb)

Oct 19 Presentation

Meeting Notes/Minutes

February Meeting Minutes (~200kb)

March Meeting Minutes (~200kb)

April Meeting Minutes (~50kb)

May Meeting Minutes (~50kb)

June Meeting Minutes (~25kb)

July Meeting Minutes (~106kb)



Nearshore Process Unit Maps (4.4 Mb)

The currently defined WRIA 19 nearshore habitat units included within the analysis are viewable using the link below.  HOWEVER, you MUST have Google Earth installed on your computer in order to view the file.

Nearshore Habitat Units (viewable in Google Earth)

Nearshore Habitat Metadata (pdf, ~76kb)


The currently defined WRIA 19 floodplain and riparian areas included within the analysis are viewable using the link below, this link now also includes the nearshore.  HOWEVER, you MUST have Google Earth installed on your computer in order to view the file.  A link to the floodplain feature data, when complete, will be included in this sub-section of this website.


Miscellaneous Data/Work Products

Coho Spawning Ground Survey Table (1998-2004)
Floodplain Feature Sub_Types PDF (72Kb)
Floodplain Feature Sub_Types XLS (63Kb)